Covid-19 Zimbabwe - Donate Now



Donate Now To Help Zimbabwe Stop COVID-19

Covid 19 Zimbabwe in Collaboration with ZimThrive is a group of citizens seeking to provide much needed resources to the Zimbabwe medical community to help fight the spread of Covid-19 also known as CoronaVirus.

Our aim is to supply funding for test kits, masks, gloves, sanitizer, gowns and all PPE supplies needed to combat the pandemic in Zimbabwe. We urge all fellow Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabwe to come together at this time to support our fellow friends and family on the ground. 

Time is of the essence – lets do our part as citizens both in the diaspora and local Zimbabwe to win this fight. Share the link to all your friends and follow the Facebook group Covid-19 Zimbabwe where a group of Zimbabwean doctors and professionals keep up to date on Covid-19.

We at Covid-19 Zimbabwe and ZimThrive wish you safety and sound health.