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2022 Zimbabwe

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About ZimThrive

ZimThrive was established in 2018 by a group of Zimbabweans based around the world. We all left Zimbabwe for the diaspora wide-eyed and enthusiastic, ready to take on the world and go back home afterwards to add value to the redevelopment of our country. Black, White, Shona, Ndebele, and mixed race. We also have friends from other nationalities who are excited about the opportunity to visit Zimbabwe during ZimThrive. We have all been born touched by the turbulent times at home over the last couple of decades and all feel that as a community we can fully reengage with the country by staging such initiatives to help with the rebuilding of the country as well as recharging our Zimbabwean batteries; we have decided that as Zimbabweans we should be able to reunite with our family and friends on the ground by working together towards a prosperous new Zimbabwe.

The idea came about when Mildred Munjanganja from Bulawayo but based in Florida was having an online conversation with Mike Tashaya from Gokwe but based in Manchester UK that basically said “wouldn’t it be great to have an occasion in Zimbabwe where we all go back together at the same time for a grand reunion, as we never seem to be in the country at the same time”. It really was a no brainer. So we decided to create the ZimThrive initiative and it just developed from that.

The rest as they say is history although we look at it as a glimpse into the future to a Zimbabwe that we believe is possible where we define ourselves as Zimbabwean first and our races and tribes after. An initiative where we can respect each other’s differences while embracing and enjoying the things that we love to do as we celebrate being Zimbabwean.

ZimThrive will tap into the things that we all know and love about Zimbabwean life like good food, sport, and music to take everyone home for a whole month. The most important aspect of ZimThrive is that it is entirely a feel-good event that also serves as an expression of our hope in the future and our belief in all of our people and our collective future. We trust you share in this hope and belief and look forward to your support this year.


The  Zimbabwe 2022 Initiative is a gathering by Zimbabweans from the diaspora for a month of festivities to establish relationships between the diaspora community and our fellow brothers and sisters at home.  The homecoming will look to foster friendship, unity, patriotism, family, healing, economic injection and most importantly just a celebration of being Zimbabwean.  We will also look to harness capital for development purposes by encouraging Zimbabweans abroad to invest in Zimbabwe.

This platform creates and allows continuous dialogue and opportunity for the Zimbabwean community abroad, to interact with their country in a productive and mutually beneficial way to help reengage with our roots, enjoy our beautiful country and support and invest in our country.

Our mission is to enhance a sustainable platform supporting and promoting full Diaspora participation in Zimbawe’s future.


The initiative has a Committee that comprises of Zimbabweans dotted across the globe who have come together with one common goal and the sole mandate of planning and executing a Homecoming for all Zimbabweans Living Abroad for a spectacular month of activities.


The members of the Committee consists of professionals and leaders within their communities of Zimbabwean decent living abroad, drawn from different parts of the globe and committed to helping launch a great initiative and facilitate a great Homecoming event and socio-economic development of Zimbabwe. The committee will also look to partner with various stakeholders across different sectors including the Government, corporates, airlines, charities and a lot more entities that will add value to the initiative.

2022 Zimbabwe

Registration is now open!